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Cowboy Chicken's Cowboy's Chicken

Founded by Phil Sanders, the same year Renato Ovens was founded in 1981, Cowboy Chicken has been serving up the most delicious rotisserie fired chicken to hungry cowboys all over Texas.

The dream started right here in Dallas, where Phil and his wife Jeanette first perfected cooking rotisserie chicken over a wood fire. Word spread of Cowboy Phil’s amazing rotisserie fired chicken, so he decided to open his own restaurant to share his food with the world. In 1981, the first Cowboy Chicken opened in Dallas to great fanfare.

Cowboy Chicken is famous for their hearty and healthy signature dishes featuring all natural hormone-free chicken. The rotisserie chicken is hand seasoned and marinated for 24 hours and then slowly roasted for two hours over a wood fire in an authentic Renato Commercial Rotisserie.. Their recipes are bold yet simple and natural and their warm and welcoming atmosphere makes you feel at home.

Cowboy Chicken is celebrated as one of the top 100 Movers and Shakers in the restaurant industry according to Restaurant News. Their use of technology to improve customer’s experience and their willingness to take risks continue to separate Cowboy Chicken from the competition.

In particular, Cowboy Chicken was recognized for the their innovative new format that features two Renato rotisseries under a single hood. The front-facing rotisseries serve as a focal point of the dining room. The revised floorplan increases the number of available bar seats facing the ovens so that customers can enjoy watching the wood fired rotisserie chicken as it cooks.

According to Forbes magazine Cowboy Chicken is one “hot restaurant chain to buy into now!”

Due to Cowboy Chicken’s growing popularity, they have expanded to new locations nationwide. New restaurants in California are bringing the down home taste of Texas wood fired rotisserie chicken to the west coast!

With their bold flavors and authentic style coupled with innovative leadership, Cowboy Chicken will be serving up delicious rotisserie chicken all around the nation for years to come!

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