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Renato's Pizza Dough Recipe

Single Batch:

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-Prepare a yeast/water mixture: add 1 3/4 oz. of fresh yeast to 1 quart of water at room temperature - let rise about 5 minutes.

-Pour the mixture in the mixer, add three quarts of chilled water.

-Add 14 1/2 lb of the best quality "high gluten" flour.

-1/3 cup of salt.

-1/3 cup of pure extra-virgin olive oil.

-1/3 cup of honey (or sugar).

-Mix at the lowest possible speed for twelve to fourteen minutes. -Note: When properly developed, the dough should be a very even texture and should not be sticking to the bowl toward the end of the mixing cycle. Dust the mixing bowl with flour prior to stopping the mixer for easier removal of the dough.

-Fold the prepared dough in a large ball, let rest covered for five to ten minutes, then divide and roll.

-Store immediately (tightly covered) in a refrigerator at 34-38 degrees. -PS. You could replace 5% of the flour with some other specialty flours, i.e.. semolina, whole wheat, rye, etc.

***Dough making time is 2:00 pm; to be used the following day!!***

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